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Chris Young

Chris is one of the most experienced cameramen in the business. He started his career in the late 60s at the BBC. Through the 70s and the 80s he worked as a cameraman and producer in South-East Asia and Australia, in news, current affairs, drama and documentaries as well as being a trainer at SBS and the ABC.

Chris has worked for all of Australia’s free-to-air broadcasters along with leading cable and satellite networks such as Galaxy, Optus, TV1, Fox Sports and Sky channel. He is also regularly commissioned by foreign broadcasters including the BBC, Deutsche Welle, Sky TV and CNN.

More recently, Chris has supported the Royal Australian Navy, producing a series of training videos and broadcast documentaries about the history of the RAN.

As Reputation Australia’s Producer, Chris produces video and audio content for clients for use in trade shows, internet broadcasting, websites and more.




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