How a brand audit can plug a leaking marketing budget

When more spend equals less ROI

  • Your Bounce Rate on your website is sitting at a depressing 68%.
  • Your retail premise or trade show booth seems to be invisible to passers-by.
  • Your brand is continuously confused with a competitor’s.​

Before you increase your marketing spend, it’s probably time to talk about your brand.

It takes a split second for a potential customer to decide they don’t want to engage with your brand, whether they are buying for their business or household. If a brand and its offer does not emotionally connect with a prospective buyer, rarely will repetition change that. Indeed, it could waste even more budget only to turn audiences off even more!

Are you increasing spending on a poorly-performing brand?

The 2015 Salesforce State of Marketing Report identified the major trends in marketing in Australia and globally. It found that 85% of Australian marketers are planning to maintain or increase their budgets, particularly in digital marketing to mobile devices.

Whilst this was roughly in line with global marketing trends, what did buck the global trend was the most pressing issues faced by Australia marketers, being the need to fight for their budgets and justify effectiveness.

Make sure that more spend equals more sales

Given the need for marketers to spend more when there is increasing pressure on their budgets, increasing brand accountability is an obvious solution. What this requires is asking tough questions more often, such as:

  • How many visitors to our website / social media etc do we fail to engage because of a lack of consistency, focus or emotional connection?
  • How much business are you losing each month to competitors that create personal brand experiences?
  • How many new clients would need to buy from you to justify improving your brand communications?
  • How do you track brand performance to investment?
Book a brand audit with Cameron McDiven

Brand visionary Cameron McDiven has 17 years of experience in assessing where brands are wasting their investment in marketing, and devising creative business solutions.  The process he follows is cost-effective, systematic, honest and prompt. Through a combination of desktop research, interviews, and customer experiences, he audits the following areas of a brand:

Internal Audit Categories:

  • Purpose / Values
  • Positioning
  • Brand Promise / Unique Selling Point
  • Tone of Voice
  • Internal Culture
  • Product Strategy

External Audit Categories:

Systems and Infrastructure:

Reputation Australia is proud to partner with leading brand and design expert, Cameron McDiven as part of our complete reputation management services. Learn how a brand audit can save you money in your marketing costs.  Book now before May 20 and receive 20 percent off the costs of your brand audit.  Contact us to discuss your project.