Online engagement training for Government

They’re Talking about you – ONLINE

Online Reputation Management involves a combination of communication skills from marketing, public relations, legal, and search engine optimisation (SEO).  For many government bodies, this means knowing how to best engage with stakeholders through social media channels.  Online Engagement Training for Government is particularly helpful for when bad things happen, even if it is some very damaging content posted online that creates headaches for government.

The internet is now THE primary powerhouse of modern communication on a personal, corporate, national and ​global level.

The sheer bulk of content is almost inconceivable.  More and more people are spending more and more of their time each day online for news about what public sector organisations are doing at all levels of government.

Developing or protecting a reputation online seems at times an overwhelming challenge.   And yet, many individuals find overnight worldwide fame through online channels like You Tube or a particularly successful blog.

Many sophisticated companies, charities, political parties and government organisations drive their profiles through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and virtual worlds.

But it isn’t always good news.  Too often we see cases of a public backlash online against an organisation that is deemed to have done the wrong thing or failed to act as taxpayers would expect them to.  How quickly and skilfully one responds can make an enormous difference to any damage to an otherwise good name.

In response to this need for skillful communication through social media, Reputation Australia has developed They’re Talking About You – ONLINE, an interactive seminar designed to give government participants knowledge and practice in how to protect and enhance their organisation’s good name in a sometimes-hostile online world.

Participants will learn how to monitor what is being said about their service products, policies and regulations, deal with criticism and use new media channels as effective communication tools.​

This skills development program can be delivered either in-person or online, opening it up to a diverse and widespread group of participants.


By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Be better informed about the online ecosystem.
  • Deploy content and monitor what others are saying.
  • Have a blueprint for building their own online engagement strategy
  • Have a plan for responding to content including critics

Online Engagement for Government

This highly participatory, interactive workshop is conducted in small groups of up to eight participants.  A selection of contemporary online examples are used to illustrate concepts and technique.

During this 4-hour workshop, participants also complete a series of exercises designed to practice the various methods presented during the workshop.

Participants cover

  • Major online media channels
  • Appropriate platforms
  • Monitoring chatter
  • Dealing with problems
  • Disarming critics
  • Effective use of online marketing methods
  • Online media as a recruitment tool
  • Being a credible online authority

The Reputation Australia team has delivered this program to a wide range of organisations from government, business, science and academia for more than 30 years.

In addition to providing skills development solutions in online media engagement, we also provide advice and services to build an online support base or respond to online audiences in difficult times.  This includes standard SEO push-down (displacing negative coverage with fresh positive content).  It also includes a highly-skilled special service to proactively remove content that breaks the law such as slanderous/defamatory content.

Our people in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart are ideally-placed to support your organisation with skills development and communication advice and support.

More and more, we are delivering programs in an online virtual environment so that participants from across Australia and oversees can join in.

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