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Reputation Australia provides consultancy services and training in Online Engagement with audiences in social media.  we have specialist training programs and service offerings for the Government sector and for business.

We cover Brand Strategy, Public Relations, Stakeholder Engagement, Crisis & Issues Management in the online environment to consolidate a total communication strategy.

Most journalists, consultants and industry observers agree that today’s Australian media is undergoing a significant evolutionary change. Newsrooms are groaning under intense economic pressures, flagging audience numbers and increasingly despondent advertisers.

A contributing factor is a shift is consumer behaviour. More and more people are logging on or picking up their hand-held device to opt into their preferred news content, turning away from conventional channel-feeds. This leaves conventional media wondering what its next move should be.​

Since the advent of talk-back radio there has been a steady growth in demand for content that provides audience participation.  Interactivity is key and now we see some TV shows running a live Twitter feed on-screen.  Newspaper and magazine articles posted online yield significantly more hits when there is provision for readers to post comments of
their own.

There have been signs of convergence taking place for a few years, that is, an adjustment of content so that it is both available and relevant through a range of channels.  The trend is growing.  It is as if we are witnessing the birth of a new media model, the true nature of which is still a matter ​for conjecture.​

What does this signal to today’s media organisations and professional communicators who wish to earn their share of voice in the largest public forum of them all?  And what is the opportunity for brand managers in this changing paradigm?  Obviously it signals a good many things.  The first thing that we can act on right now is developing multi-purpose convergent content that will be meaningful in print AND online AND on air.

This is true for news makers in the way they deliver their content to media organisations, such as a news release that could include short audio or video and companion materials via hyperlink.  In addition, news-makers can access a multitude of other platforms above and beyond mainstream media through which to reach their audiences.

This is likewise true for most media organisations, particularly those with a rich blend of assets in print, broadcast and online.  Not only is it possible to cross-pollinate all their channels with adapted, convergent content, it also opens up larger online audiences beyond their proprietary websites.

Reputation Australia works with news-makers and media organisations to plot a course through the constantly changing landscape of today’s converging media.  We develop strategies to build skills and resources to more successfully engage audiences through blended, convergent content delivered across multiple platforms.

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