Issues Management training for business

Your organisation would benefit from Issues Management Training if you have ever asked yourself:
•    Why are we always putting out fires?
•    Where do all these crises come from?
•    How do we get ahead of the curve?
•    Can we turn these challenges to our advantage?

​In short: How do we do a better job actually managing our issues, instead of being managed by them?

Public issues typically arise from an actual or perceived gap between an organisation’s performance and important stakeholders’ expectations of it in terms of its:
•    Products
•    Processes
•    Policies
•    Practices
•    Programs

Be they shareholders or NGOs, stakeholders will be looking for areas in which results that affect them have not been as promised, as expected or as desired.  And they will look to hold the organisation accountable.  That’s an issue.

And so, if issues are poorly handled, organisations face the very real risk of litigation costs, a drop in share price, additional regulations, and the loss of reputation and consumer acceptance.

The difference between taking advantage of opportunities and suffering additional costs lies in the timely identification and prioritization of issues, and the development of appropriate responses.  That’s issues management in a nutshell: a disciplined, enterprise-wide process to identify issues and develop responses when there’s still time to influence the final outcome.

Issues Management Training for Business

‘Eye of the Issue’ by Reputation Australia guides cross-organisational teams through a straightforward methodology to take a satellite view of their organisation, identify and prioritise issues and develop strategies to deal with each of them, be they existing issues or emerging or potential ones.

The modular nature of the program means that any or all three of the units can be taken sequentially or spread out over time.

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