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Our people have been involved in high-profile government projects on the inside

Our wealth of experience means that Reputation Australia has expertise in delivering communication solutions for government over a wide variety of situations.

Reputation Australia delivers Media Training and Presenter Training and other communication courses for Government.

Our programs are delivered in-person and online.  Our Two-Stage Approach to training delivers better learning outcomes more quickly and efficiently.

Reputation Australia is a communication consultancy specialising in Public Affairs, and crisis and issues management in the Public Sector.

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With our professional experience we can definitely help you

Consultancy and training
for business.

With strategic advice, training and support.
you will be able to build a good name

Reputation Australia provides strategic advice, training and support to build and protect your good name in the Government sector and in Business.

Whilst we are best-known for our Media Training programs, our other core training services include Crisis & Issues Management, Presentation Skills Training, stakeholder engagement with constituencies in person and online.

The firm provides a range of other Public Relations-related training courses including speech writing, media release writing, PR planning and more.

Everything we teach, we also do – and we’ve been at it for decades.  Our consultancy services for Government and the Private Sector include Public Relations, Issues Management and assistance with Crisis Response.

Reputation is at the heart of everything we do.  A good reputation is developed and enhanced through a potent brand together with effective communication with stakeholders.  It takes skills and systems to build a reputation along with solid project management.

When things get tough, protecting your reputation is crucial and an organisation has to respond quickly and effectively to maintain good standing in a crisis.

The team at Reputation Australia supports government organisations, big and small businesses and the ​not-for-profit sector across Australia ​and overseas.

Since 2003, our consultancy has delivered Public Relations, training, Crisis & Issues Management and legal advice to enhance and defend your reputation: in person, in print, on-air and online.​​

If your interest is in design, video, audio or social media content, we do that too.  And help yourself to our podcast and various articles while you’re here.  If you have a suggestion for a program or an article, we’re keen to hear about your ideas.

Please get in touch to discuss your communication plans.​​​



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