Presentation Skills Training – Government

Any government-owned organisation or department needs people who can present well.  For public consultation, reports to senior management or the Minister’s office or the board and in-house training, presentations skills training – Government is a must-have for government in the 21st century.

If the success or failure of the project depends on the skills of government-sector presenters, then training your people to be better presenters is going to add value to the organisation.

If you are engaging with audiences to explain the department’s actions or win support for your organisation’s initiatives, then presentation skills value is a useful way to increase your chances of success.

And in almost every case, presentation skills training adds value to the skills of your colleagues right now and into their future careers.

Presentation Skills Training – Government


  • Understanding the different types of presentations and choosing the right one.
  • How to prepare for a presentation.
  • How to develop the right positive attitude.
  • Handling an audience, particularly their questions.
  • Using the right expression eg hand gestures, facial expressions etc.
  • Using visual aids… overheads, PowerPoint presentations, flip charts, etc.
  • Learning how to anticipate questions from the audience.
  • Dealing with nervousness, especially if one is new to presenting
  • Finally…and critically…how to engage the audience and inspire people. ​

The nature of communication is changing.  The influence of social media and vast improvements in hand-held communication technology is making it necessary for the public sector to be able to present information, ideas and recommendations much more quickly, succinctly and in a more impactful way.

Presentation Skills Training – Government is designed for people who want to become better communicators. As the title suggests, participants learn how to prepare for and deliver effective presentations, thereby ensuring the audience is thoroughly informed, persuaded and engaged. There is ample time during the workshop to practice presentation techniques to successfully and professionally communicate your message to your audience.  So participants can see where they can improve, we use a video camera to record each presentation. The presentations are then played back and critiqued.

With practice and preparation, you will quickly learn to be a persuasive and engaging communicator on behalf of your government organisation.  During this course, you will also discover how important it is to turn negative questions posed by the audience into positive statements. Some audiences expect government representatives to be able to answer any question at all – even those that really should be addressed by a Government Minister.

Presenters from the public sector need to be able to address such issues in an empathetic way and deliver useful and relevant information without crossing that political line.

Whether it is to develop presentation skills or improve them, this program will make anyone better a better presenter on their feet in front of any audience.

The Reputation Australia team has been delivering tailored training for presenters in the government sector for about 30 years.  With first-hand experience in Federal, State & Territory and local government and government-owned organisations, our people have a well-earned reputation as trainers in their own right.

Presentation Skills Training – Government is not open to members of the general public.  Rather, it is specifically tailored for your organisation, your people and your most important issues.  In this way, confidentiality is assured and participants can confidently and safely discuss sensitive issues.

Training can be provided for small groups or even individuals.

​Workshops are conducted at your premises anywhere in Australia.

Although we typically deliver this program in a face-to-face environment in small groups, an online version is also available.

To find out more about how to develop the skills of your people and grow the presentation power for your government organisation, contact Reputation Australia to discuss your exact requirements.  One of our skills consultants will be happy to talk about a training solution to help you develop more powerful presentations.