Crisis & Issues Management Business

In addition to a comprehensive skills development service in Crisis and Issues Management, Reputation Australia specialises in developing communication plans and resources for businesses to get them ready to face difficult challenges.  This might involve creating an issues management strategy that analyses a company’s issues landscape.  We then put systems in place to manage these issues proactively over time.

For organisations concerned about their risk profile and potential crises that might strike, we develop a crisis communication plan. The plan takes account of the business’s potential risks and provides procedures and resources to respond to a crisis quickly and effectively.  These communication plans can be tested in a simulation, either as part of a broader enterprise-wide drill or specifically to test the communication response on its own.

In this day and age, businesses large and small are more exposed to the scrutiny of various stakeholders via social media, conventional media and increasingly capable and sophisticated special interest groups. Crisis and Issues Management can make all the difference to a successful business.

When a particularly difficult issue flares up, or even worse, a crisis, the ability of management teams to respond quickly and effectively becomes a key factor in success or failure.

The good name of the company and the reputation of the management team are at stake.  Regulators are watching.  Shareholders and the market are watching.  And of course, customers are watching too.

In a world obsessed with brands and image, it is dangerous to forget about corporate reputation.  Each organisation is surrounded by stakeholders who have some area of interest in its activities; an individual browsing a supermarket shelf, a doctor considering prescribing a pharmaceutical product or a community examining plans for a new factory in the neighbourhood – stakeholders will be more influenced by the way a company conducts itself than by any glossy advertisement. This is particularly true in times of crisis.

There is no escaping the fact that in the 21st Century, the public will demand to know what is happening in a crisis and how management is coping. Companies can either try to deny this and suffer the consequences or responsibly manage the situation.​

Crisis & Issues management can be a company’s biggest challenge.  Much is at stake: significant risk to reputation, impact upon daily operations, traumatised staff, adversely affected customers, and damaged short and long-term financial performance.

Likewise, many issues test the capability of management on a day-to-day basis; staff morale problems, information leaks, legal challenges, deteriorating customer confidence, rumour and speculation in the media are among the more vexing challenges facing management today.

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