Media Training for Government

All tiers of government and the public service are surrounded by stakeholders who, understandably ​want to know what’s going on.  During difficult times, such as hot issue in the media, the demand for government accountability is perhaps greater today than ever before. Dialogue with stakeholders is not just a media affair.
Government today is in a dialogue with clients and other stakeholders in person, in print and increasingly, online due to the growing influence of social media. Reputation Australia’s Media Training – Government introduces a proven methodology for communicating Government messages.
Developed in consultation with Federal, State and Local Government organisations, the interactive workshop trains Media Spokespeople at any level of the organisation to represent their department or government entity with skill and confidence.

Media Training for Government can be delivered either in-person or online or a combination of both.  People in Public Service are very time-poor.  So our programs are designed to be delivered in as short a time as possible and as efficiently as possible.  Our Two-Stage Approach is proving very popular with our clients.  It’s the product of 30 years of experience and practice by seasoned professionals in the field.

Our Two-Stage Approach

Our time-sensitive approach addresses the working reality of today’s workplace. We deliver the skills-set program either in person – or online – in 2 to 3 hours, no matter how many participants are present. In smaller groups, we can ensure that all participants get in some practice on the day.

The Workshop (in-person or online)

  1. Participants discover the theory of Applied Messaging, that is, the mechanisms that constitute a powerful and persuasive message.
  2. They learn how to encapsulate that message into short, sharp media ‘sound-bites’ or ‘grabs’.
  3. And they explore how to conduct themselves in an interview to get the best possible outcome.
  4. Press, radio, TV and social media interviews are clearly explained.

Follow-Up Private Coaching

The vast bulk of media interviews occur by phone with TV being the exception. So the next phase involves private coaching for participants over-the-phone for up to 30 minutes

  1. They will have ample time to prepare, as they would for a real interview. They use a recent news release, news story or an anticipated news event.
  2. They can talk freely with their media coach about their own personal issues relating to being a media spokesperson without colleagues listening in.
  3. They record two practice interviews back-to-back, discovering where they can make improvements along the way. Their coach can give them personalised feedback and advice in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  4. These recorded interviews are emailed to the participant for reference.

Benefits of Media Training – Government include:

  • Improved skills of government spokespersons to communicate effectively to important stakeholders via the media
  • Enhanced understanding about what constitutes a public sector news story
  • More skilled communicators who can analyse an issue and the relevant stakeholders to create meaningful and effective messages
  • Ensuring that the organisation’s position will be clearly communicated with greater confidence that will be undiluted
  • An understanding of journalists’ requirements and therefore how to identify good news stories within their own organisation
  • Being able to identify a news angle and prepare a useable message – and get it used on air, in print or online
  • Having a plan for identifying and preparing responses to tough questions

Participants explore how to conduct on camera and over the phone interviews.  Press, radio, TV and social media interviews are clearly explained.

Media Training – Government programs are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, your most important media, your issues and the existing skill level of participants.​

With workplaces becoming more flexible and more staff working remotely, our training programs have been modified to work online.  Log onto a training program from any computer and join in.  It saves a lot of time and trouble – no more flying people in from all corners of the country.​​

Programs are conducted at your premises anywhere in Australia or even online, making it easier for participants to attend.

Any number of participants can be included and sessions can be conducted in as little as two or three hours.

Reputation Australia conducts media training programs for Government organisations across Australia with consultants on the ground in:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Or ANYWHERE at all – ONLINE

Reputation Australia has been delivering media training to government across Australia since 2003.  Our people come from a government background and have been involved in high-profile government projects on the inside – not just as consultants.  This wealth of experience means that Reputation Australia has expertise in delivering communication solutions for government over a wide variety of situations.

To find out how a Media Training – Government workshop can add value to your public sector organisation, please contact us.