PR Training – Government

PR Training – Government:  A skills development program for in-house PR officers in Government.

The media can be a valuable channel through which to reach a large audience quickly and persuasively. With the right skills, you can use these opportunities to enhance or protect the reputation of your department or Government organisation.

The media today has revolutionised the way people find out about what is happening in the world. There is however one serious side-effect. In the 21st century, more than ever before, we have to manage misinformation. Vast increases in the volume and speed of information flow, particularly online, have altered the way media operates.  There are fewer checks and balances, which makes life difficult for a spokesperson who is not confident and credible.

In response to the need for skillful media communicators in the public sector, Reputation Australia has developed PR Training – Government.  This interactive seminar is designed for people who are new to the field of Public Relations in government organisations.  It is designed to give participants knowledge, tools and practice in how to identify valuable media opportunities and articulate important public messages through the media. You will also learn how to design and implement PR campaigns and organisational PR strategies.

Moreover, as a team of experienced media and PR professionals, Reputation Australia is available to support your organisation with PR advice on either an on-going or as-needed basis.

PR Training – Government

Participants gain an understanding of the media and its ways. The essence of what constitutes a good news story and the importance of preparation are emphasised. Real TV News examples are used to illustrate specific techniques. Participants also discover a straightforward, tried and tested methodology for formulating and managing PR campaigns.

By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Be better informed about what makes a news story.
  • Have an understanding of journalists’ requirements.
  • Be able to identify a news angle and prepare a useable message – and get it used on air, in print or online.
  • Have a plan for identifying and preparing responses to tough questions.
  • Have a working knowledge of how to use social media as a communication channel.
  • Know how to draft and place a news release in the media.
  • Have new tools that can be used in their own organisation.

In addition to a suite of PR tools, participants also receive a copy of ‘Mastering Media in the 21st Century’.

PR Training – Government

Part 1: Newsworthiness and Messaging

  • Generating Coverage – what constitutes a government news story?
  • Messaging – what would be the most effective thing to say? And how is that best expressed in a usable media format?
  • Developing a news release for government organisations
  • Exercise 1Participants develop a news release for a specific story
  • ‘Selling in’ a news story – The best approach when taking a story to the press

Part 2: Media Training

  • Basic media interview skills – the essential knowledge of a skillful media spokesperson
  • Exercise 2 Participants identify and draft a media statement for use in
    a given scenario and practice being interviewed.

Part 3: Developing a Public Relations Plan

  • Ten elements of PR planning from Situation Analysis to budgeting and performance measurement.

Part 4:  Digital media

  • The online media space – use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn
    and Twitter plus monitoring tools to keep in touch with what others are
    saying about your organisation.

Our Approach to Training

  • We research your organisation, your department or government organisation and your issues before each program to make the session relevant and realistic.
  • Each course is structured to meet the needs of participants. This means that you get the maximum return on the time spent in the program.
  • Our Trainers provide individualised coaching in a small group environment.

The Reputation Australia team has been supporting organisations at Federal, State/Territory and local government levels and other organisations in a range of communication functions, including preparing and implementing PR strategies and individual campaigns.  We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years.

Our people are all seasoned veterans with a well-earned reputation in the field.

We have people on the ground in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.  However increasingly, we are delivering programs in an online virtual environment opening up our training solutions and services to a broader audience spread across Australia and around the world.

Contact us to find out more about our solutions.